It is 8:16 here is Colorado Springs.  The gray weather and falling snow is finally changing.  When I turned on my computer, the temperature outside was 5 degrees.  It has now dropped to 3 degrees.  OOPS, it just now jumped back up to 4.  I have WeatherBug on my computer.  The sun S K CVR 6is slowly creeping higher in the sky with fingers of gold rippling over the white.

The WeatherBug is rapidly changing the temperature.  it is now 7 degrees and climbing.  Thank you God.  Since the streets became snow packed and icy, I have not ventured out of the house.  Being that I only recently moved back to Colorado from Florida, I am not familiar with driving on snow or ice.  I would rather not take the chance of having another auto accident.

We have been working hard on THE STONE KILLER.  The book cover has been created and we would like to share the cover with you.  Also if you would tell us whether or not you like the cover, we would appreciate it.  E-mail us at and put Book Cover in the subject.  Or comment here on the blog.  Feedback is always a good thing, and we really would like to hear from you.

Well, as to my getting out of the house today, it will have to be this afternoon from the sounds of the weather report on the TV.  At 9 degrees, the roads it seems are still a little slick.  I can wait until the sun becomes stronger this afternoon.  I think I’ll make a pot of soup or even peanut butter candy for my neighbor who is kind enough to shovel the snow on my sidewalk and driveway.

Until we talk again, everyone have a fantastic day, keep writing, and stay safe.

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