I was supposed to do this last night.  I told sister I would, but  it was just too cold to move.

Bella got me up at 6:03am.  It was snowing oats(my daddy’s expression) and it was a blowing snow.  I  never thought I would ever be tired of cold and snow, but this is the worst winter I have seen since we moved to KY.  We are getting 2-4 inches today.  2inches tomorrow and more on Monday.  Plus the coldest temps we have ever had.  Does Florida sound good?  Hell No!!  I wouldn’t go back to that cess-pool for all the tea in China  I don’t mean to insult those who love the place.  It’s just that I never liked it at all.  I prefer mountains and colors in the fall.

Well, I can’t print any of THE STONE KILLER.  I am out of ink.  I refuse to go out in the cold to get  any.  Yes, sister, I am going to try your idea of taking the cartridge out and putting it back in.  Hope that works.

Now I am going to finish watching Cats 101 on the Animal Planet.  I am not a cat person.  I will leave that to my sister.  I am a dog person.

If you live in the north, stay warm if you can.  Be good to yourselves and get back to work writing and especially editing.  I’ll talk with y’all later.




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