11-F6EFC2A0-743235-960It snowed last night, dumping about two inches on the ground.  Around 3:30 this morning, Titan had to go out.  I ice skated across the back patio not realizing that it had frozen over.  That was fun making my way back to the house without falling.  Of course Titan was in a hurry to get back inside and out of the cold.  He has settled into my little animal family and thinks the cats are dogs.  He and Bandit run and play all through the house.  I think I have spoiled him already.

11-7A309F1B-908408-960I didn’t write much today, letting the story and the book’s ending cook in my brain for a day.  Sometimes what you plan on putting down on paper is not what comes out when you start typing.  That happened yesterday.  So I took a break and watched a marathon of Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone movies, studying how the stories play out.  It was informative.  Robert B. Parker told great stories.

I thought I would show you a picture of the Three Graces in the Garden of the Gods.  This area plays a big part in the story of THE STONE KILLER.  It is a city park and it is beautiful.  Anyway, the story is progressing slow but sure.

Well, it is now after 11:00 and I’m tired from doing mostly nothing today.  I don’t understand that.  Titan and the kitties are ready for  bed and keep staring at me as if to say why are you still typing.

Tomorrow the sun will shine and temperature will be in the upper forties.  Then it is back to work on the book.  No more lazy days for me.  I have to get it finished.  It is the first in the series with Jonas Black and the stories are churning away in my brain.

Everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe until we talk again.

The best to you and yours.

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