WOO HOO!  HOT DAMN, and all that crap.  The beans are planted, the tomatoes are in the ground, well some of them.  I’m waiting for the seed co.  to send the rest.  They should be here next week, the planting will start all over.  But it will be worth it once we have fresh picked veggies on the table.

I cannot believe I had to turn my heat on this morning, and I am still cold.   I even have on a sweat shirt.  Went out and put a few cucumbers in the ground.  Then in a couple of weeks,  we will add more tomatoes, cukes and etc.  That way  we won’t have everything ready at one time.

Well, Sister is making me feel bad.  She is moving right along with THE HANGMAN and I am just plodding along with the re-edit of TSK.  We are trying to come up with a new cover for TSK.  Some folks who read it said the cover is more like a book of horror.  I personally like the one with the scary eyes, but perhaps we can do better.

It is now dinner time, so I will talk later.  You all take care and spend a few hours on your writing everyday.




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