Revised 1 SK CoverWell the revision of THE STONE KILLER is coming along slow but sure.  I will be so glad to get this last edit completed.  I read in a discussion the other day where someone claimed you shouldn’t have to do more than four edits.  I burst out laughing.  We have done the edits for content twice, mistakes, I’ve lost count, edits on the rewrites, we read it out loud to each other three times.  So when is editing enough?  I don’t like having errors in our books.  I’m a perfectionist, that’s why we edit as much as we do.  Even I have to say this is the last one for THE STONE KILLER.  So, after I upload the revised edition, and you purchase the book, if you find an error, please forgive the mistake.  We try so hard to have an error free book.

THE STONE KILLER was written when I read about this poor woman being stoned to death in one of the middle eastern countries.  I was stunned to learn that type of mentality existed in this day and age.  Those people still live in the dark ages.  So I created a mentally deranged male killer with the same mentality.  I hope you enjoy reading about and getting to know my characters.  They all have their history and flaws, but they believe in JUSTICE for the defenseless, as I do.

scorpion_tattoo_or_design_by_savvyidiot-d4gitwj[1]I have to admit I am a radical.  I’m a Scorpio so what did you expect.  When I started writing novels after I divorced my husband, the theme was similar to my marriage experience covering fourteen years, escaping a bad marriage and finding true love.  Oh well, that didn’t happen.  And, I’m not looking anymore.  I’m happy and content alone.  Anyway, we are discussing a book’s theme.




CREATING KATHRYN CROWNOur first two were romantic suspense, CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  Even those have a need for justice running through them.





The more crime I read in the newspaper and heard about on TV done to defenseless children,  and animals, the more irate I became at the pitiful sentence the courts dish out for these crimes.  I switched my genre to crime fiction thriller which somehow acquired the additional category of paranormal.  Murder is illegal not to mention messy.  I do have murder in my heart against these people, but it is committed on paper in my novels.   And as Jonas Black says, “Monsters walk the street of our cities disguised as ordinary people”.  I have my killers dish out the punishment I feel these monsters deserve.




THE HANGMAN theme is a direct aim at these monsters.  I have done extensive research and hope when the novel is finished, you will enjoy reading of one man who wants revenge for the loss of his loved one.  I DO NOT ADVOCATE VENGEANCE OR MURDER.    This novel expresses the pain of loss and what it can drive a person to do in retaliation.  My novels are fictional and meant as entertain only.

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