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Well, my sister and I are back to editing CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  You know how it is, looking for all those little mistakes we make when our brain works faster than our fingers.  I am so good at adding  “ed” to a word when it doesn’t need it.  Or, I reverse the order of a words.  All these little mistakes that can drive a writer nuttier than they already are.

I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to be a writer, especially of fiction.  Non-fiction is difficult because you have to make sure the factual details are correct and try to make the work interesting.  Creating a world and characters sounds easier, but it isn’t.  We have all these imaginary people running around in our mind demanding that we tell their story.  So, we have no choice but to put their life on paper to share it with the world.  Sometimes it’s a sad story, sometimes funny and sometimes it’s a frightening story, but that story must be told.  I do wonder if the characters are merely an extension of the good, the bad and ugly part of our own personalities.  I’m sure it is.  We all have these facets inside us and it helps us to create wonderful books.  And the old saying “truth is stranger than fiction” is so true.  Most of our books have been inspired by a news story or something overhead that dug into my brain and like the seed of a flower, germinated until the story blossomed.

The other day, I told a young man that life is a continual learning process.  That is true of any job we choose to do.  That is especially true if we are writers because we need to keep up with the evolving world.  All the new technology is overwhelming at time.  But we keep learning.  So keep studying folks because when you believe you know it all, then you become stagnant.

Well, time to get back to work on CREATING KATHRYN CROWN so we can upload it to Amazon this month.

We would love to hear from you.    Everyone have a great day and stay safe.

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