¿INFLUENZA?, AJA Y QUE MÁS….JAJAJ (Photo credit: Immer_Lebend)

English: A two-year-old seal point "tradi...

English: A two-year-old seal point “traditional” Siamese cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was awakened at 8:30 a.m. by a little Siamese cat wrapped around my head, clinging to my scalp while she washed my hair then shook her head because she had a mouthful of hair.  Needless to say it pulled my hair so I was forced to get up and feed them.  All three were waiting patiently in the kitchen.  Pye, my black cat, kept meowing to let me know I was late serving breakfast.  Once they were fed, I curled up in my recliner and went back to sleep until 10:40 at which time I finally got up to a bright sun shiny Colorado day.  Booooooo!  I still too sick to go out.

Well, I’m alive, anyway I think I am.  Since the 26th, I have been in bed or my recliner with the flu.  At first I thought it was a cold.  It isn’t.  I have coughed so much, my ribs are sore, and I am still coughing.  I did find out why I managed to come down with this garbage.  A relative stopped by on Christmas Eve.  His wife’s granddaughter came for Christmas and brought it with her.  The poor child had no idea she was spreading it throughout the family.  The entire family seems to have this flu now.  I’m staying away from everyone until I’m well.  I go to the doctor Friday and hopefully by then, I’ll be much better.  Believe me people, I wouldn’t wish this flu on my worst enemy,  well maybe my enemy.  No, I wouldn’t do that, then my enemy would give it to someone else.  Vicious circle.

Of course with this garbage, I haven’t written a single word on THE STONE KILLER.  And, I won’t be doing much in the way of writing today either.  In fact, my recliner is calling me again.  With this constant cough, I stay tired.  I’m taking cough syrup and hopefully that will help.  If I ever see another bowl of chicken soup, it will be too soon.

Keep writing, stay healthy and stay safe.

Until we talk again, have a great New Year and the best to all of you for 2014.

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