S K CVR 6Well I am sitting at my computer trying to work on the next chapter of THE STONE KILLER.  Outside, the ground is covered with about 3 or 4 inches of snow.  There are icicles hanging from the roof around the house and from the bumpers of my car.  No, I can’t put it in the garage because the key to the door has been lost and can’t be opened from the outside.  Oh well, that’s okay because I don’t plan on going out and driving on slick streets.

It has started to snow again, tiny almost invisible flakes that you only can see if you’re looking at a dark background.  I don’t think there will be much of an accumulation.  The weatherman just reported cold, icy and minus zero wind chill.  Our high at the moment is -5 degrees.  This is the coldest I have seen it here in the Springs.  Of course, I haven’t been here for numerous winters.  I lived in Florida where if the temperature drops into the fifties, the residents freeze.  Believe me, Florida at 40 or 50 degrees can be colder than Colorado Springs at 10.  No, I do not long to be back in Florida.  I stay in out of the severe cold and work.  Books don’t magically get written by themselves.

Well since my characters are talking to me again, I’d better get back to work and jot down what they have to say.  I need to find out when Morgan is going to jump my detective for sex.  She really likes him and her dead twin is pushing her in that direction.  Marilyn is a forceful ghost and thinks she knows what’s best for her sister.  You know how siblings can be.  Maybe in this case, she does.  Or maybe Morgan is not as uptight as her sister thinks she is.  Watch for the novel’s debut before summer.

I guess  need to make a pot of potato soup.  That sounds good for lunch.  So until we talk again, stay indoors, stay warm, stay off the slick roads and be safe.

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