Hey everyone:  I am going to give this one more try before calling the Geek Squad again.  Sister insists I am hitting a button or something to make it turn blue. I swear to Pete, if it wasn’t so far,  I would go out there and kill her till she dies from it.  If you want the truth, I don’t  know how to make things turn blue on a PC.  I have used a Mac for years.  I never had a problem with it.  As a matter of fact, I went to Best Buy yesterday and tried to trade this pc in on a Mac.  They would only give me $104.00 dollars trade in.  This computer won’t be a year old until July and they would only give me a pittance of  trade in. Shows you what they think of the HP.

Oh the weather here in KY is so beautiful today.  All the snow is gone(of course, nothing but mud in the yard now), and I hope the yard dries up soon.  The dogs are driving me nuts with their dirty paws.  I think Bella rolls in the mud.  But the temp is in the 50’s, the sun is out and I am a happy camper.  Even tho I spend most of my time wiping dogs.

I forgot to tell you.  I am going down to Louisville on Friday with my oldest daughter.  Her younger sister is moving there.  She and her husband are moving into a 115 year old house.  Since the house is so old, the girls think it should be Smudged.  I did not know what that meant until they told me.  It involves burning sage in each room and I assume we will pray for all the bad ghosts to leave. I think it would be cool to have a nice friendly ghost.  Especially if she does house work or cooks.  Just think of it.  Pots and pans flying around the kitchen and then a scrumptious meal flies to the table.  Cool Huh?

Well, y’all tale care of yourselves and make sure to practice your craft.  Don’t forget to EDIT your work.  We’ll talk later.


1/2 Dreamah

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