Garden_of_the_Gods[1]Since we have been having such warm, dry weather, I was not surprised to hear on last night’s news we had a couple of grass fires.  Thank God they were quickly contained by the fire department.   For the rest of the year into our winter, we, living here in Colorado, will have to be ever vigilant for grass fires.  We don’t need a repeat of the Waldo Canyon and Black Forests fires.  Two people died in each one, and that is too many.   So Colorado folks and visitors, please be careful where you toss a cigarette, target practice or anything that can cause a fire.  If you see smoke, call 911.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

images8OEW8AWXimagesYW79DRE4I was thrilled this past week to see several robins in the back and front yards.  Spring is here, I hope.  Not that we can really complain about our winter.  We had cold weather and snow, but not even close to what the Midwest and eastern states had.  I don’t complain about Colorado weather.  The “Springs” has as close to perfect weather as we can get.  Yes, sometimes the summers do get hotter than we like, but it only lasts a short time and the nights cool off to the 60s or even drop into the 50s, so no bitching from me about the weather. I am looking forward to planting hollyhocks and yellow roses.


NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVR2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRYesterday, I took a break from writing and research to start a new painting.  I’ll post it after I finish it.  It is a landscape.  I hope everyone’s writing is progressing and your storyline is going as you hoped.  Being a writer is not an easy job.  We create worlds, people and actions that have to be plausible or our readers won’t continue to follow us.   The more we write, the better at our craft we become.  I hope so anyway.  The next book in the Jonas Black series is coming along slow, but sure.  Give THE STONE KILLER a read.  It’s available at amazon.com/dp/B00NBB8SZO

I have an eye appointment this afternoon for new glasses.  I need them as my vision has definitely changed.  Maybe with new glasses I won’t make as many typing mistakes.  I can only pray for that to happen.

IMAG0506My poor Titan has an ear infection.  Went to the vet and got some ear meds from the vet.  It has been fun trying to flush his ears and then put the ear meds in.  He doesn’t like it one bit and being a small dog can wiggle off my lap too easily.  I tried wrapping him in a blanket, but that didn’t work too well.  It works better if I don’t try to hold him down, but tell him to hold still on my lap.  He still doesn’t like having an ointment put in his ears, but at least he lets me treat them.

Well, everyone have a great day and week.  Stay safe and keep writing.



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