dreamstime_m_15709757The sun has been out for most of the day.  We had a brief shower with a bit of lightning and thunder.  Nothing major.  Today is the first day I have been able to clearly see the mountains.  It’s been a long month of them hiding in rain clouds.  I’ve missed seeing the Peak.  But, when that big on rock is socked in, that can only mean some type of rain or snow is headed our way.  I love that big old rock.  IMG_8349

There are times, when I am driving and look at Pike’s Peak in the distance, all white with snow, I almost can’t believ I am actually back in Colorado, that I’m having this wonderful dream and will wake and that it’s all a cruel joke and I’m still stuck in another state.  While sister loves Kentucky, I’m happy right where I am  and will stay here.


In THE HANGMAN, I have been working on the interviews of my suspect list in the murder of my first victim.  I have to say, no one seems sorry the man was killed.  Too bad, he was just about to change his ways.  Too late now.  I have two more interviews and my cops are still searching for one suspect,  but can’t find her.   A few more tidbits about my detectives and it will be time for THE HANGMAN to claim another victim.  Poor woman.  Then the investigation will intensify.  Public figures being murdered tend to sent those in power into a panic.  Whose next?

Sorry this is short today.  I’m usually a bit more gabby.  Anyway, everyone have a great week and stay safe.




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