NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI talked to my sister in KY this morning and was surprised to discover, this is Friday!  I have had my head buried in my computer all week writing on THE HANGMAN and making notes to myself about what to add to the storyline; also, adding tidbits of information to THE SNATCHER, the next book in the series.  I have managed to lose track of the days.  Oh yes, plus dealing with headaches caused by my clenching my jaws and irritating my TMJ  jaw joints.  They’re sore and probably inflamed.  Someone tell me why I clench my jaws?  I just caught myself doing it again.  Damn!  Well, I finally killed off my next victim this morning.  Only two more to go in this book.




I do love writing murder and mayhem.  It’s all a puzzle to me.  I have to know the answers to the who, what, when, where, how and the big WHY. I kill people on paper, but don’t even harm a fly in real like.  My cat Bandit catches any bug that dares to enter the house.  She’s my little hunter.



I went out to weed-whack the thistle and other weeds growing along the walk in the front yard.  I had to go back inside and put on socks to cover my bare legs because the grass debris was stinging my skin.  Went back out, and  I got as far as the end of the walkway when the weed-eater decided to get the string wrapped around itself and the  spool and cover fell off.  Got all that straightened out, then I couldn’t find the new line.  It’s here somewhere;  I just have to locate it, and I will finish my weed whacking tomorrow, as Scarlett always said.

I do believe summer has arrived here in Colorado Springs.  This coming Sunday, and Monday, we’re going to have temperatures in the 90s.  Monday, 95 degrees.  Oh, boy, I will hide from the sun and try to keep my critters cool, as well as myself.  I survived it last year, I can survive it this year.

Well to all your fathers out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.  Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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