033706Well I have to admit, that since the start of December and maybe before Thanksgiving, I was in a deep funk.  I was missing all the peopled I had lost and the ones who are still with me.  I had to work through all the pain of those losses and be thankful for those who are here now.  And I did.  I realized how much I have been blessed by God.  He has endowed me with a loving family and friend, plus many talents and I am so grateful.  I can write, granted I kill off a lot of people in my crime novels, some innocent, some really bad.  I do oil panting which I like, and I had the greatest mother, who taught me that I could do anything if I set my mind to it.  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER is my life’s motto.  And even though I was feeling really down in that depression pit, I fought my way out of my pity party, which everyone is allowed to have one a month.   Now it is time to get in the holiday spirit and get with decorating this house.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI’m learning more and more about marketing on social media.  I will continue to learn as much as possible and promote, promote, promote all our novels.  I have mentally worked out a problem I was having with THE HANGMAN, and have proceeded with the story.

DON’T FORGET OUR KINDLE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, for the month of December, all our e-book novels are only $1.99.


10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nWell,. we’re going to get some snow today.  Not all that much, but it will make it seem more like December.  Yesterday was up in the sixties and too warm for this time of year.  I don’t want a lot, because I don’t drive in snow, but we need the moisture so much to help clean the air.


carnivore-squirrelA few minutes ago, I took the pups out to do their business.  Yes, I now have two Chihuahuas.  Joe is another rescue.  Anyway, for over two weeks I have had to fight with both dog from picking up bones in the yard and eating them.  Animal bones, like chicken bones, ARE NOT good for dogs.  They splinter and can puncture their intestines.  I hadn’t been able to discover where the bones were coming from all around the elm tree and along the back fence where trees are growing in the alley.  UNTIL last week.  I had the pups out on their leashes and was by the tree when a bone dropped at my feet.  Of course, Joe grabbed it and I had to fight him to get it out of his mouth.  One hurt finger later, I looked up and, lo and behold, a squirrel was munching away on a piece of meat with all these bones sticking out of it.  Surprise. surprise, they eat meat.  Beware of the meat-eating squirrels, we could be next, ha ha.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.



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