imagesYW79DRE41199-17For anyone not living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wintertime is still a threat for you. That is unless you live in the South. You would never know that winter is still here in Colorado. Our temperatures this week, all the way through to the next Friday’s prediction, is going to be in the high 60s and low 70s except for maybe this coming Monday when we’re supposed to get some light rain. Monday’s highest prediction is to be 54. Having not lived in the Rocky Mountain area for many years, I would like to believe spring time has arrived due to the fact that the trees are blooming, flowers are blossoming and I’m in the mood to plant flowers.  I bought myself a lavender rose-bush, a white rosebush and two deep yellow rose bushes, plus two forsythia bushes. The forsythia bushes I’m going to plant in the back yard where we repaired the fence and it gets sun all day. Since we have a bunch of lilac bushes along the fence, I thought bright yellow forsythia’s in the spring would look great.  I also purchased a climbing rose bush. It is a deep, deep red and will look fantastic growing next to the tall pink roses that are along the fence in the front yard.
My nephew, who lives here in Colorado, came down and dug out the flowerbeds so I can prepare them to plant the roses this weekend.

images[6]There was a flower bed loaded with cactus on the far north side of the yard. He helped, correction, he dug out all the cactus while I took a shovel and helped pick it up and put it in bags to be carried away. Needless to say we were both picking stickers out of our hands with tweezers. So now all I have to do is go purchase some potting soil or good dirt and plant the rose bushes and the forsythia’s. We have a lot of what’s called hens and chicks growing in the flower bed next to the house along with some Russian sage and some marigolds plants. The marigold plants come up each year from the seeds of the previous season. I plan on buying some more Russian sage to plant in the opposite flower bed where I have the roses.  I have this thing about yellow flowers.  Yellow is my favorite color. I do like dark red roses. Of course I like the white rose as well, and also lavender roses. In fact, I just love flowers of all colors, period.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRThings are progressing rapidly with The Hangman, and I hope to be finished within the next couple of weeks. Then comes the tedious task of editing, and editing, and editing some more.

CREATING KATHRYN CROWNSINGLE COVER, A C OF MDon’t forget to check out our other novels. CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, and THE STONE KILLER, the first book in the Jonas Black series.


Remember my motto, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.  No matter how bad things get, or how hard the task, the sUn will come up the next day in the world will be brighter with you in it. Keep writing.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend, stay safe.


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