th3tay694eI woke to a hard wind whipping the trees and my wind chime hanging from a hook on the back porch.  Part of someone’s metal roof is in my front yard and my fence is waving back and forth.  I went out and tried to shut the gate as the wind broke the screw holding the latch in place.  Forget that.  The gate and I got blown back.  The big trash container which was in front of the gate is now in the back yard.  We have 45 miles per hour wind with gust up to 80.  Hurricane winds start at 75.  The pups are not happy about have to go outside on their leash, but hopefully that won’t last long.  One thing about the wind, it’s a Chinook and warm.  All the snow is melted except a small amount in my back yard.  I now have clumps of ice here and there where it was so deep and a lot of water.  Otherwise, great.  My nephew came to check on me and the house and he says there are numerous semis on their sides along the road.  Most have pulled off trying to ride out this wind storm.  It is terrible and even worse closer to the mountains.  A lot of people in Colorado Springs are without power.  Me and the house are fine.   I hope how soon it quits.  I don’t like wind.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVROther than the weather, everything is going fantastic on THE HANGMAN.  I was surprised at how much I got done yesterday.  The ending is getting closer and closer.  Even I was surprised by the direction the story is ending.  I hope my readers won’t be disappointed.  It is a twist.

Everyone in Colorado, if you have this wind, stay off the road and keep safe.  I’ll talk with you later.


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