heartHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone.  I hope your day is filled with romance and a good time.  It is a day to relax and pamper yourself.  Me I’m a workaholic so needless to say I’ll be busy.

images7JPAILFWHere in Colorado Springs, the sun is shining bright and beautiful.  If the wind would calm down, it would be perfect.  It’s playing a merry tune on the wind chimes, which is beautiful, but I don’t like wind.  It makes it chillier, it’s 41, but feels like 37.

police-badgeI am happy to say I am back working at the PD.  I missed volunteering there every Monday and Friday.  My boss was happy to see me and put me right to work.  He helps me with the police procedures on my Jonas Black books.  I do take liberties with their procedures to fit my story line.  All the folks I’ve met at the PD have been great.  They are hard-working, dedicated men and women who always need our support.

262c8c604614cdc6720ccc3f2e5a9f6c[1]I almost have my painting of a ladybug finished.  The red has to dry or get tacky, and then I’ll add the finishing touches.  To the left is the picture I am working from and hope I get it as close as possible to the picture.  I love ladybugs, and have the perfect spot on my wall for this painting, next to my dragonfly.  One more ladybug to do and then on to several landscapes.  I love to paint insects like ladybugs, bumble bees, dragonflies, butterflies and even an ant on a flower,  My sister in Ohio always tells me, “no bugs in my paintings please”.  So I only paint her flowers.

I do have multiple photos scheduled to paint in between each book.  It gives me a break from all the murder and mayhem.  I am also scheduling a romantic suspense book to be completed each year besides each Jonas Black book.  I’m going to give it the good old college try anyway.  Cross your fingers for me.

Time for me to get my butt in gear and go to work.  Everyone have a great day and stay safe.  Remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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