Well, after five days of frustration, I finally was, with the help of a KDP employee, Alex, in Charleston, SC able to upload THE HANGMAN paperback and the ebook.  The ebook was easy.  The paperback drove me crazy.  I normally do not have a problem with formatting my novel for KDP or Createspace.  I will tell you this, save yourself a lot of trouble and download the KDP template for the paperback.  It makes it so much easier.  Createspace eventually will be no more.  All our books are being moved to KDP.  As long as my novels are up on Amazon, I don’t mind.  

I have made extensive correction to all my novels and uploaded the new version to KDP.  I had mistakes in my work.  It has been a job.  That was part of what I was doing in those five days.  I have one more book to upload and all my books will be as correct as I can get them.  I’m a perfectionist, but far from perfect.  I do try hard to make sure my novels are without mistakes.  Now to work on THE SNATCHER, the next book in the Jonas Black series.  Also, the next two romantic suspense novels TO CATCH A DREAM and ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH.  Next year will be a busy one for me.  Pray I achieve my goals.  

The weather is still cold.  We didn’t get higher than 24 today.  The snow is still on the ground and my dogs hate getting their feet in snow.  The cats have it made.  They have a litter box.  Our temperature right now is 15, and of course, JoJo, one of the dogs, had to go outside one last time before bed.  Our high for tomorrow is going to be 34?  I hope so.  Thank you Lord for the sunshine today.  It was wonderful and cheered me up.  I have trouble with day after day of gray dreary day.  I thinks it’s called SADS.   

So I am off to bed as I am so tired tonight.  Everyone have a great Sunday and week ahead.  Always remember:  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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