I received feedback from a literary agent I submitted FOR LOVE OF HANNAH to hoping to obtain representation.  I kept reading her rejection over and and over.  Then I reviewed HANNAH again.  She was right.  The order in which I had the events in my novel made the storyline drag.  There has always been something about the book I felt was out of whack.  She pointed out the flaws within a few words, “The rest of the book doesn’t grip me like the first two chapters.  So, FOR LOVE OF HANNAH  is undergoing a rewrite.  I am rearranging all the different things which happen to my character to keep the reader guessing.  Anyway, I hope so.  I know I am much happier with how the story is flowing and I believe my readers will like the changes.  So, if you get a rejection letter from an agent and they state why they are turning down the book, pay attention to what they have to say.  Take their advice to heart and do a rewrite. I have been working like mad on the rewrite is why I haven’t posted a blog lately.  Bear with me folks; I’m a workaholic, and my novels are my main priority.

Well, there has been frost the last two mornings.  Today out near the pond, the ground looked as if it was covered with snow, it was so white with frost.  Sister and I both are dreading when winter arrives full blast with zero temperatures and the fluffy white stuff.  Or the heavy wet type which downs power line and breaks tree limbs.  And no, I won’t move to Florida.  Been there, done that, and will not go back.  Too much humidity, bugs, and heat.

I was surprised when my niece came over yesterday and picked all the remaining tomatoes on the vines.  They’re green but will ripen if placed in a window.  Or we can chop them all and make a green tomato relish.  Personally, I love fried green tomatoes. 

I checked the weather forcast for the week ahead.  Some days the high will be in the low fifties and chilly at night.  Time to put the down comforter back on the bed. 

Well a new week lies before us.  Everyone have a great time and stay safe.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.


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